Multi-stakeholder workshop on phasing down amalgam in China held in Beijing

china-meeting-10-15-16On October 25, 2016, representatives from All-China Environment Federation (ACEF), World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry (WAMFD), Asian Center on Environmental Health (ASEH), United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Foreign Economic Cooperation Office (FECO,MEP), Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center  of Ministry of Environmental Protection, Peking University School of Stomatology, Jiacui Environmental Promotive Center as well as dental specialists from local hospitals and district-level clinics gathered at Beijing for “Multi-Stakeholder Workshop on Phasing Down Dental Amalgam in China.” The workshop was jointly hosted by ACEF, WAMFD and ASEH. Ms. Xie Yuhong, Deputy Secretary General of ACEF, Dr. Charlie Brown, President of WAMFD gave opening remarks for the Workshop.  Continue reading

Step toward phasing out use of amalgam in Pakistan’s hospitals

Pakistan meetingAnother step has been taken toward phasing out the use of mercury – including dental amalgam –in hospitals in Pakistan.  Last Monday, the Ministry of Climate Change assembled a group of stakeholders to discuss to what measures need to be taken.  Chaired by Ministry of Climate Change Joint Secretary Iftikharul Hassan Gilani, participants included representatives from the ministry of health and the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI).  The press reported that “It was agreed upon in the meeting that the mercury base dental amalgam fillings will soon be phased out.” Continue reading

National stakeholder conference to phase down amalgam use in India

India 2016 137The National Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry in India held a national workshop on mercury-free dentistry on 3 June 2016 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha.  The workshop was organized in collaboration with the Asian Center for Environmental Health, with support from the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry.  Stakeholder participation from this billion-people nation was widespread: dentists and dental schools, environmental NGO leaders, civic groups, physicians, corporations, generals, students, members of state parliament, plus the United Nations Environment Programme.

UNEP co-sponsors workshop to phase down amalgam use in Asian region

Bangkok regional workshop May 2016The United Nations Environment Programme and the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry co-sponsored a workshop in Bangkok, Thailand to assist Asian nations working to phase down amalgam use.  Entitled “Successful Strategies to Phase Down Amalgam Use Toward Mercury-Free Dentistry,” the workshop drew government officials from Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam; plus NGO leaders from Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, and Philippines, as well as NGOs and dentists from across the region. Dr. Shahriar Hossain of the Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) chaired the workshop. Continue reading

137 NGOs and professionals sign the Dhaka Declaration for Mercury-Free Dentistry for Asia

IMG_3849A series of workshops throughout South and Southeast Asia last fall focused in on one question: How do we end amalgam use in our nation? Then the South Asian Summit on Mercury-Free Dentistry met in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where non-government organization leaders from many Asian nations were huddling to hash out a plan.  Together, they drafted a seminal document, the Dhaka Declaration for Mercury-Free Dentistry for Asia. This week, they unveiled it – replete with signatures from 137 non-government organizations and professionals from all over South and Southeast Asia. Continue reading