50 U.S. groups issue Chicago Declaration to End Dental Industry Mercury Use

A coalition of 50 environmental, public health, and children’s rights groups called for an end to dental amalgam in American children, and for a two-year general phase-out of its use in the United States.  Supporters include many major national nonprofit groups, including Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Health Care Without Harm, Clean Water Action, Consumers for Dental Choice, and Learning Disabilities Association of America.

The paper, known as the Chicago Declaration to End Dental Industry Mercury Use, was unveiled at a news conference held at the University of Illinois at Chicago and chaired by Charlie Brown, president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry.  Brown noted, “Starting July 1, the European Union bans amalgam for children under 15; the U.S. needs to act too.”

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New study finds fillings related to higher mercury levels in blood

A new study out of the University of Georgia shows that if you have more than eight “dental surface restorations”, they can raise the level of mercury in your blood.  (Note that each filling can have more than one surface. So even if you have fewer than eight fillings, this study still applies to you!)

While the study did not examine the adverse health implications, it did note that “a significant correlation between the blood level of mercury and dental restoration raises major concerns about potential mercury exposure.” Mercury is well-known to harm the central nervous system and kidneys.  And it accumulates in your body from many different sources – so people who are exposed to mercury in their workplaces and in their diet (like if you eat a lot of some types of seafood) are even more at risk.  Continue reading

State to stop mercury-using dentists from illegally withholding amalgam brochure from patients

Connecticut June 2016 005In Hartford, Connecticut (USA) on June 23, environmental justice activists, health professionals, and patient advocates gathered on the steps of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection to protest the state’s failure to stop pro-mercury dentists from willfully violating the law.

Connecticut law requires that “the brochure Fillings: The Choices You Have, Mercury Amalgam and Other Filling Materials shall be displayed and remain prominently displayed in each office.” It alerts every patient and parent that amalgam is mainly mercury, that mercury is a toxin, and that patients can choose mercury-free fillings.  The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is charged with enforcing this law. Continue reading

Dental mercury on American Indian reservations

patient with amalgam 2The International Indian Treaty Council and Consumers for Dental Choice filed a petition calling on the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs and the Secretary of Health and Human Services (who runs the Indian Health Service) to end the use of amalgam – a dental filling that is 50% mercury – in Indian Health Service Clinics and on Tribal lands.

“Mercury from dental amalgam and other sources has a profound effect upon traditional Native lifestyles, which value fish as an integral part of tribal culture,” says Andrea Carmen, Executive Director, International Indian Treaty Council. Continue reading