Phase Down Measures

The Minamata Convention lists measures to phase down amalgam use and instructs countries to undertake two or more of these measures. As country-level experiences have shown, some measures are more effective and easier to implement than others.

Below are five proven phase-down measures that can be taken to effectively implement the Convention’s requirements:

photo shaking hands   Setting national objectives for minimizing amalgam use
Raising public awareness in Bangladesh (mission)   Raising public awareness of amalgam’s mercury content
working with dental professors   Updating dental school curricula
Working to change government programs in the USA (mission)   Modifying insurance and government programs
Providing mercury-free dental care to children in East Timor   Ending amalgam use in children and pregnant women

Toward Mercury-Free Dentistry image

To learn more about phasing down amalgam use, click on the links above or download the guidebook Toward Mercury-Free Dentistry (also available in French and Spanish).  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Together, we can phase down – and ultimately phase out – the use of mercury in dentistry!