Arab Center for Environmental Health launches

Ziyad Alalawneh

With the goal of serving all Arab nations across West Asia and North Africa, the Arab Center for Environmental Health has launched today from its headquarters in Amman.  The announcement was jointly made at a ceremony on 7 July by the Secretary General of the Jordan Ministry of Environment, Dr. Mohammed Khashashneh, and by the Center’s founding director, the experienced NGO leader Ziyad Alalawneh, leader of the NGO Land and Human to Advocate Progress. 

Dedicating the Arab Center for Environmental Health, Secretary General Khashashneh, a world-renowned leader in writing and implementing environmental treaties, said, “We are honored that the Center is headquartered here in Amman, and we look forward to bringing together Jordan and other Arab governments, international bodies, civil society, and universities to build a toxic-free society for future generations.”

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Dorah Swai wins “First in Africa” Award

The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry proudly announces that its “First in Africa” Award goes to Dorah Swai of Dar es Salaam, who works for the renowned Tanzanian NGO AGENDA.   

“Tanzania is the first country in Africa to have mercury-free dentistry,” said Charlie Brown of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry in Washington. “The quite challenging multi-year campaign to set a deadline for use of toxic mercury in this great nation was engineered by Dorah Swai of the NGO ‘AGENDA.’  The World Alliance is deeply appreciative of Dorah.  We give this unique award to recognize her years of arduous service for the people and environment of Tanzania and the entire continent.”

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The World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry announces landmark successes across Africa

African governments, dentists, and consumers are increasingly turning against the use of dental amalgam, the highly controversial dental fillings material that is 50% mercury.

In 2006, Dr. Myron Wentz authored A Mouth Full of Poison, a book condemning toxic mercury-based dental amalgam and calling for an end to its use.  His subsequent economic successes as founder of USANA Health Sciences have permitted him to transform this idea into action: he has fully funded the African campaign of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry for the last four years.

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Dr. Myron Wentz announces grant to fully fund a third year of the Campaign for Mercury-Free Dentistry for Africa

Scientist and philanthropist Dr. Myron Wentz announces he is funding the 2020 campaign of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry seeking to transition the great continent of Africa to mercury-free dentistry. This will be the third year he has fully funded this campaign.

Dental amalgam is a nineteenth-century, tooth-unfriendly pollutant, 50% composed of the neurotoxin mercury, whose technology has been far surpassed by affordable, effective, and available alternatives. Governments across Africa have endorsed plans to transition away from amalgam use into non-polluting, safer alternatives, but are hampered by outside lobbying  interests who profit off continued amalgam sales to Africa.

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