Meeting to revise Bangladeshi dental school curriculum

On 12 January, 2017, Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO) and Bangladesh Dental Society (BDS), in association with Asian Center for Environmental Health and World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry, organized a round-table meeting on “Dental College Curriculum Revision and Adoption” in Dhaka with dental professionals who are involved in dental college curriculum revision. 

Because mercury dental amalgam is a major source of mercury, ESDO and BDS are recommending exclusion of mercury amalgam from dental college curriculum. Five members of the curriculum revision committee along with 35 dental professors all over Bangladesh spontaneously took part in the meeting. President, Secretary General, and other executive board members of BDS expressed their earnest solidarity with the movement of “Mercury Free Dentistry” in Bangladesh.

Members of the curriculum revision committee agreed to revise Bangladesh Dental College curriculum and adopt mercury-free alternatives in the syllabus.