Amalgam phase out amendment proposed

Our success at the Minamata Convention treaty talks resulted in a requirement that countries must reduce their amalgam use – plus a mechanism for amending the treaty. Now we step up to the next stage. On the table is a proposed amendment to phase OUT amalgam use!

We built the worldwide team, and now we mobilize it into action to support the proposed amendment. 

But our opponents – funded by the pro-mercury World Dental Federation – are lining up to derail the proposed amalgam phase-out amendment. They falsely claim….

….it is too soon to amend the treaty (it isn’t)…

….all that is needed is more waste management (which cannot solve the entire environmental problem – not to mention the health risks of amalgam use)….

….developing countries want amalgam (in fact, it is developing countries that are proposing the phase-out amendment).

Here comes our opportunity to phase out amalgam use worldwide!