Momentum for mercury-free dentistry builds at treaty talks

The Minamata Convention on Mercury is the world’s game changer, our path to bringing mercury-free dentistry to all people.  As president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, Charlie Brown was proud to lead a talented and united team from five continents at the second conference of the parties in Geneva in late November.

In Geneva, where over 100 governments gathered, our campaign to “Make Dental Amalgam History!” stirred intense interest. From our British chief dental officer to our Bangladeshi environmental colleagues to our Ethiopian international attorney, our team seized every opportunity by:  Continue reading

Pakistani provinces issue advisory notes against amalgam use in children under age 15

Success was the outcome of Dr. Mahmood Khwaja of Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI)’s campaign for mercury-free dentistry in Pakistan.

The Directorate General Health Services for the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) in Pakistan issued an advisory note, entitled, “Advisory Note to Avoid/Restrict Mercury Dental Amalgam Fillings for Children (below the age of 15 years) in KPK, to safeguard their health at their very early age” (notification No. 2405-70 dated 10 July 2018).   Continue reading

Today the EU ban on amalgam use in children begins!

Last year, the European Union adopted a regulation banning amalgam use for children under age 15, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers beginning 1 July 2018.  Now that day is here!

With the EU’s partial amalgam ban officially in effect, we are seeing some immediate changes in that region, including:

  • News articles are raising awareness about the mercury in amalgam – so everyone will know the truth about their so-called “silver fillings.”​
  • Government guidance is telling UK dentists not to use amalgam in the most vulnerable populations.  ​
  • The German government is working to revise its national insurance to account for the increased use of mercury-free fillings.​

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Experts discuss ending amalgam in “women, children, and through them, future generations”

Experts hailing from twenty-one nations assembled in Bangkok on 14-15 May 2018 to present case studies, exchange ideas, and discuss strategies for ending the use of amalgam in “women, children, and through them, future generations.”

The United Nations Environment – World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry co-sponsored workshop brought together many experts – including leaders from government, non-profit groups, dentistry, manufacturing, universities, and United Nations – to share their wealth of experience in contributing to the end of amalgam use for children and others in a variety of settings.  For example:  Continue reading

50 U.S. groups issue Chicago Declaration to End Dental Industry Mercury Use

A coalition of 50 environmental, public health, and children’s rights groups called for an end to dental amalgam in American children, and for a two-year general phase-out of its use in the United States.  Supporters include many major national nonprofit groups, including Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Health Care Without Harm, Clean Water Action, Consumers for Dental Choice, and Learning Disabilities Association of America.

The paper, known as the Chicago Declaration to End Dental Industry Mercury Use, was unveiled at a news conference held at the University of Illinois at Chicago and chaired by Charlie Brown, president of the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry.  Brown noted, “Starting July 1, the European Union bans amalgam for children under 15; the U.S. needs to act too.”

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